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My brother Don and I have kept actively involved in the world of figure skating. Don travels extensively, skating, conducting seminars and promoting the Jackson line of figure skates. He tours extensively with the NHL Oldtimers Hockey Challenge US-Canada-Russia tour [entertaining the audience between periods].
I've been kept busy promoting the Jackson products through this web site. We'd like to hear from you at anytime and welcome your comments and suggestions.

The rest of my time is spent promoting my music. Throughout the years I've written pop songs with my good buddy and music collaborator, composer Dave Ostrovsky.
We've written a love song named 'Sparkle' for Tony Bennett and also 'Melody' a love song to a song [really]
Versions of these songs are available on the internet at MP3.com in instant play. If you want to a permanent copy you can download a copy [you'll need Windows Media Player or RealPlayer ,they're free!]

If your interested in hearing one of these songs, just click on the song title.


Bill at piano
Tony Bennett and Bill Jackson
talking music

Be sure to hear Dave Ostrovsky's new release
Give Me Your Jazz
It's already reached No. 12 on the MP3's World Jazz Chart.
WARNING !!! ....... once you hear it you'll be humming it for days.


"Very good, commercial in a jazz vein.
Could become very popular when recorded."
Ralph Sharon, Tony Bennett's music director
"Great jazz sound. Could become very popular."
Peggy Lee
"Sensual, captivating!
Give Me Your Jazz
transcends the boundaries of the jazz genre.
All music lovers will be humming this tune"
Xaviera Hollander

"It is so refreshing to hear a composition that truly reflects the feel of jazz.
Give Me Your Jazz
is a vehicle that both singers and players
will feel free to stretch and create.
A welcome addition to the library of classic Jazz."
Mike Smith - Host - SkyJazz Internet Radio
"It's good! Refreshing new jazz song."
Doug Riley

Bill - piano
Bill makin' music
We've had success with 'Smokey Dreams' and even had that great skater, Don Jackson, skate to our song 'Juke Box Lady' on Stars on Ice [I wonder how I lucked into that?].
and MUSIC...
I mentioned I promoted my music, but I couldn't do it without the help of another buddy, Gino Empry. Gino is one of the most successful and sought after entertainment specialists in North America. He's worked with all the great stars and helped many others become stars. Click on his name to visit his site, you'll be surprised how many entertainers he's been associated with [he's even worked with skater Toller Cranston]
Gino was Tony Bennett's personal world manager for 12 years and they remain great buddies. In the photo on the right Gino's pretending to sell me singer/painter Tony's gift to him of Tony's 1973 'Red Roses' and I'm pretending that I could afford it.
Bill-Gino Empry
Bill and impresario Gino Empry
with Tony Bennett's 1973 'RED ROSES'
Bennett's gift to Gino

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