top 10 performances

1. Donald Jackson, Canada, Worlds 1962
2. Torvill and Dean, Britain, Olympics, 1984
3. Underhill and Martini, Canada, Worlds, l984
4. Brian Boitano, USA, Olympics, l988
5. Oskana Bauil, Urkraine, Olympics, l994
6. Nancy Kerrigan, USA, Olympics, l994
7. Brian Orser, Canada, Worlds, l988
8. Gordeeva and Grinkov, Soviet Union, Olympics, l988
9. Wilson and McCall, Canada, Olympics, l988
10. Liz Manley, Canada, Olympics, l988

Honorable Mentions
1. John Curry, Britain, Olympics, 1976
2. Elvis Stojko, Canada, Worlds, l995
3. Katarina Witt, Germany, Worlds, l987
4. Kurt Browning, Canada, Canadian Nationals, l993
5. Klimova and Ponomarenko, CIS, Olympics, l992
The author calls the list subjective.
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