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You will require Anaglyphic Glasses to properly view these 3D skating photos

Red/blue or red/green filters are used for viewing print, movies, games, and computer applications in 3-D.
Anaglyphic is defined as two views of the same subject (either moving or still) in contrasting colors and slightly offset for two different perspectives.
A three-dimensional effect is produced when these scenes are viewed with two correspondingly colored filters (usually
red/blue and sometimes red/green lenses) matching the colors in the image.
The blue artwork is totally invisible to the right eye, and the red artwork is totally invisible to the left eye. Each eye gets only one view of the same picture. The brain then blends the two images into one 3-D image!

Free Glasses
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                   3D Skating Photos.

Skates and fireworks
Mr. Frick - cantilever
Tara Lipinski - Don Jackson
Jump over Maple Leaf
"Ambassador on Ice"
Toreodor [Ice Follies]
George Chuvalo - Boxer
Jackson Skates - Outfit


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